Two hot milfs fucked and humiliated in public

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Two waitresses are hired to serve at an armory party but the only thing on the menu is their own dignity. The duo of desperate sluts are so quickly humiliated by the public bondage they undergo that they allow the group of men to torture their cunts with dildos on sticks. Even if the submissive girls had tried to refuse the public sex bondage, there isn’t much they can do because they are bound with extreme restraints. The men and even women all wait their turns to humiliate the slaves in a way that is more painful than any bdsm bondage treatment.

Slave girl bound helpless and used in public

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Master thinks it’s not fair to have such a good slave bitch and not share her with friends. He organizes a public sex bondage showing of his prize submissive slut in order to offer his friends a piece of his fortune, almost like a wealthy man inviting guests to exploit his pool house. The trained girl handles the pain of her bdsm torture well, but the humiliation of public bondage makes her tremble and shake. The master is disappointed in his bitch for not showing discipline but at least his friends have fun publically disgracing the slut.

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Bound slut sucking and fucking in a room full of strangers

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This blonde slut wanted attention but now she is getting a bit too much for her liking in this public sex bondage. The girl is bound with extreme rope bondage restraints and laid across the pool table like a party favor. The group is bored and decides to make up a game with the slave doll called, ‘test the bitch’s limits.’ The submissive bitch is used to torture but doesn’t know the pain of laughter, especially when an entire room of dominate masters and mistresses are snickering at the public bondage. There is no choice for the blonde, though, and she chokes back her tears and pride.

Blonde slave girl humiliated and fucked in public

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Mistress Jane came across a slutty bitch who had the never to make a sly comment to her superior. In order to teach the girl her rightful place amongst the scum, Mistress Jane subjects the girl to a public sex bondage session that leaves her humiliated. She ties up the girl and strips her clothes off. Then, the mistress watches from a distance as crowds gather around the disgraced girl. Even after this intense shame, the public bondage isn’t over until the wench has been paraded through the town so everyone can see her disgrace.

Public humiliation bondage

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Having one master’s creative impulses tormenting you is one thing, but an entire room of dominatrices can inflict some serious pain. One slave girl has been picked for the occasion of public sex bondage but it isn’t just the pain that is getting to her. Throughout the courses of bdsm fucking, this bitch feels shame like never before. The public humiliation bondage begins with some teasing and tight rope bondage but soon the entire clan is ganging up to make the nasty slave bitch squirm from their torture games.

Hungarian chick disgraced in public

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A Hungarian wench has been caught on the metro without a ticket. Instead of getting a fine which the cheap bitch will probably never pay, the controller teaches the girl a lesson with public bondage. He ties the submissive girl’s hands together with rope bondage and suspends her in the entrance of the metro for all to see. Crowds miss their rides in order to stay longer laughing at the girl in restraints. Since the public bondage humiliation can’t pay for the metro ride she stole, the bitch is chained up to a phone booth and sold to whoever has enough change to stick in her ass.

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Hot blonde babe fucked and humiliated in public

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The mistress is always looking for new techniques of bdsm bondage. This is why the supreme dominatrix puts on a public sex bondage show with her slave girls every month. She primes the bitches while an audience watches, laughing at the submissive girls’ plight. Then, the Mistress turns over the slaves to her colleagues in order to observe how they apply pressure and torture the bitches. During the public bondage show, one thing is always clear: humiliation is the worst punishment of all. Not one guest inflicts harder pain than what the mistress normally does, but the pain of disgrace makes the
bitches cry.

Girl in bondage double fucked in public

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A slave girl is being taken out of her cell and on a walking tour of the city. Only, it is her shame that is being put on display during the public sex bondage tour de force. The Mistress walks the nasty slut around in chains with her white bra and panties pulled down low. The submissive girl is trembling from embarrassment as she hops around in her extreme restraints but moves on obediently with the public bondage. A leather hood is placed over the slave so she doesn’t even get to see the faces of the strangers who fuck her. Check out this public bondage video Here

Public bondage video of Bobbi Starr locked in a cage and fucked by bar patrons

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Even before this show of public sex bondage began, the pain of humiliation was already sinking in. The slave girl was in a cage like a filthy rodent while the lustrous crowd looked at her plight and laughed. They watch how the head mistress comes in to demonstrate her slave’s ability to handle the most intense pain. The sound of the whip is so appealing that everyone wants to try and the slave girl must undergo the disgrace of getting a beating from someone other than her mistress. The mistress even allows the public bondage to go further when the crowd starts ramming the bitch’s orifices.

Blonde slave girl gets punished and fucked in public

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The blonde slave girl is completely worthless so her mistress decides on a public bondage plan to fix that: the submissive girl is tied up to a parking meter so people can shove quarters into her asshole. By the end of the day, the slave should actually be worth-full. The humiliating plan fails and the mistress must drag her bitch around town while searching for other uses for the slut. At least complete strangers seem intrigued by the girl and the mistress allows them to use and fuck her wench during public sex bondage session.

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